World Climate


Les pays selon leurs populations, leurs émissions annuelles de CO2 et leurs émissions historiques (1850-2011). Source : TheCarbonMap

Negotiate a global agreement on climate with the help of the political-climate simulator C-ROADS.

World Climate allows :

- To quickly acquire a good understanding of the most relevant elements of climate science and its emergency (especially the feedbacks, the tipping points and the different timescales);
– To try out the national and international dynamics around the establishment/construction of a climate treaty;
– To learn what needs to be done to reach the 2°C limit;
– To elaborate a solution while understanding the reality and the scale of upcoming changes in order to reach a carbon-free economy.


Length: 3 to 5 hours
Number of participants: from 10 to 100 people
Levels: High School level; can be adapted to general public/ audience


World Climate is a simulation which takes place over the course of a half-day, enabling participants to experiment with the search of an agreement to alleviate climate change.

Designed like a simplified UN negotiation, similar to the one that will take place in Paris in 2015, the simulation asks participants to play the role of delegates from India, China, United States, EU, Brazil, island countries and other regions of the world.

Negotiators must work towards a global agreement meeting the objectives of their groups concerning the CO2 levels. The UN General Secretary collects the commitments of each different group of countries ; he then has his technical team enter the data into the C-ROADS simulator, developed by Climate Interactive, and give results to the delegations. Often, teams have to make other negotiation cycles, elaborate different strategies and think of different, better forms of collaboration.


World Climate has been created by Drez Jones from Climate Interactive and John Sterman from MIT’s Sloan School of Management. This simulation is being used throughout the world, by European and American politicians, by managers and students.

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