World Energy


World GHG Emissions Flow Chart 2010 (c) ASN Bank, Ecofys

Explore different energy politics and investments scenario with the En-ROADS simulator’s help.

World Energy simulation allows participants to explore energy / energetics scenarios which are in agreement with climate objectives.

While focusing on different solutions that could lead us to a climate stabilization, this simulation allows the precise understanding of dynamic and climatic system for a greater number of people.

Working with World Energy helps explore answers to the following questions :

Which politics would you chose to assure a permanent future :
- A stabilization of the temperature rise/increase to 2°C ?
- A sustainable development of the economy that would minimize environmental impact ?
- A fair and just treaty between countries and citizens ?

Participants are divided in teams, representing different sectors, negotiating with one another in order to reach a global energy scenario. Each team controls a number of variables that can be adjusted with the simulation software En-ROADS.

For instance, the group in charge of energy supply can change variables managing investments for renewable energies, gas, nuclear and coal.

Groups then present their plan, which are integrated and analyzed en real time by En-ROADS.

This exercise was first experimented in Stanford University and MIT before being, launched at a greater scale.