The Climate Emergency

Escalator500In order to respect the objective set up by the international community and limit global warming to +2°C, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) established in its latest report (AR5) a carbon budget.
With the current rate of greenhouse gas emissions, this budget will be spent in less than 25 years. Our time is limited, and we must act fast.
In order to stabilize greenhouse gas concentration in the atmosphere, to the level defined by IPCC, and therefore limit extreme consequences of climate disruption, emissions should peak in five to ten years and then be reduced by at least 55% by 2050, compared to 2010. Furthermore, between 2080 and 2100, world energy production should be almost entirely carbon-free.
If we trust science, this must be done. However, political reality is not only founded on physical reality. Nowadays, political solutions seem unreachable while being physically vital.
Moreover, the choice today is not between the protection of our environment and the protection of our economy. It is between the safety of our economy while protecting the environment or letting environmental devastating effects cause a collapse of our economies.
It is to reduce these dichotomies that Albedo has been created. Thanks to education to climate change and to the energy transition, the purpose is to give the politicians the public support they need to act. The aim is also to support intiatives taken by the companies and by the civil society.

Sources : Emissions Gap Report, UNEP, 2014, IPCC / GIEC, AR5, 2013-14