Albedo created a booklet that can be used during the World Climate Negotiation Simulation.
This booklet is available for more than 50 countries and regions in the world, and is written in both English and French.

Participants may use it to do research, supervised or individual, on climate science, as well as research on political, economic and social characteristics of the country they will represent while being a delegate.

Thanks to this document, participants can acquire a full understanding, through a pluri-disciplinary approach.
Furthermore, the booklet is available online, to allow an interactive and continuous follow-up.

This booklet being the result of many years of work, it includes a lot of online references (internet links, videos, interactive files, reports,…) carefully selected for their scientific and didactic/pedagogical qualities.

Other available links allow participants to go further and discover how to get involved and work on problematics linked to climate change. A non-exhaustive bibliography of the most important reports and essays brings to a close this booklet.