About Us

Albedo was born from the collaboration (started in 2010) with Climate Interactive / Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston, focusing on the Climate Change Negotiations and Energy Transition Simulation.

Albedo’s objective is to provide information about climate change and the transition to renewable energy, while developing workshops and multidisciplinary pedagogical tools.

These simulations, based on the most rigorous scientific research, are the result of MIT’s system dynamics modeling work. With them, we can explore interactions between the social sphere and the biosphere.

At the center of these workshops, you will find the “World Climate” and “World Energy” simulations, based on the most rigorous scientific knowledge from MIT’s system dynamics modeling work.
They allow the participant to explore the dynamics of climatic end energetic systems, and they provide points of reference and tools to identify solutions.

World Climate uses the C-ROADS Climate political simulator, to allow participants to negotiate a global agreement.

World Energy uses the En-ROADS simulator, to enable participants to explore energetic and political scenarios, which would help reach climate objectives.

These simulations are for communities, companies, and universities or high schools, who wish to learn about these topics.